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The Multiverse Platform

for Augmented NFTs

Playaverse unleashes the full potential of NFTs

Playaverse is the platform which will allow users to explore all the possibilities that Augmented NFTs have to offer, including collecting, upgrading, staking, play-to-earn games, while accessing an exclusive and unique virtual experiences.



The Playaverse motto: Fun and Actionable NFTs

On our platform, NFTs develop a life with their own stories and universes by integrating series of elements that combine the real and the virtual worlds.


With in-house collections, but not only!

Playaverse is blockchain agnostic in the sense that NFTs stored on other chains can be seamlessly duplicated and brought to life on the Playaverse platform to experience endless possibilities. This is the « Mirror NFT » function powered by Ternoa


Custom your NFT with accessories that you can buy or earn as rewards, turn up your meta datas and be ready to play


NFT staking refers to the locking up of NFTs on the platform to receive rewards and other exclusive privileges. Put your NFT in his own world
and earn accessories, tokens, and many more

Play & earn

NFTs use the transparency and security of the blockchain to authenticate unique digital items. It allows game makers to create rare items that players can collect and resell. Players create characters for a fee, upgrade them, and sell them. The platform will bring your NFTs collections to life. You will be able to use your augmented NFT into full games and earn different rewards as accessories or tokens


Playaverse brings NFTs into the world of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). The next generation of consumer technologies and applications will be powered by AR and VR. These new technologies will change the way we consume and interact with the digital world, including NFTs.


Parallel digital Universes which offer a set of unique experiences to users. These Virtual Worlds are accessible via a computer, virtual reality headset, or even a smartphone. Playaverse will be the bridge. Bring your NFTs  and use them in these new worlds


Q4 2021

Launch on the Ternoa live Twitch

Socials and video teaser online

PLAYACARDS NFT mint on OpenSea
with token airdrop: member card giving
white list access and more advantages

Q1 2022

Launchpad by Ternoa

First private sale to the Ternoa Community,
family and friends

Exclusive merchandising for the first believers
and Playacards members

Second private sale

First NFT collection release : CryptoDeejayz

Token Generation Event

Q2 2022


Build of the platform with the Ternoa Labs

Market place online

New collections releases

to be continued

Build of the platform with the Ternoa Labs


NFT member cards with advantages

Minted on OpenSea, the playacards members win exclusive and early access opportunities, token rewards, discount and huge benefits.

0.10 ETH


Rewards x3000 $PLV

Owners will be able to claim 10% each month

One type of cards by wallet

Free airdrop

White list access on 2022 collections

0.30 ETH


Rewards x10000 $PLV

Owners will be able to claim 10% each month

One type of cards by wallet

Free airdrop

White list access on 2022 collections

Access to playaverse parties

0.50 ETH

Platinium CARD

Rewards x15000 $PLV

Owners will be able to claim 10% each month

One type of cards by wallet

Free airdrop

White list access on 2022 collections

Access to playaverse parties

All alpha in game test

Physical card

Premium quality merchandising

5 blue chip nft airdrop on selected wallets

Meet the founders

Fabrice Guardascione

Fabrice Guardascione

CEO / Co-founder

Award-winning Party Designer, visionary electro scene Founder, and Digital Artist for 20 years. CEO of Goliath Entertainment, Zoopsie. Also collects and collaborates with artists in the NFT sphere.

Nicolas Mercier



Multi-Platinum Producer and Sound Engineer. Crypto freak. Mercer co-produced hits for Lady Gaga, Akon and DJ Snake. He now brings his expertise to this project.

Pascal Lefort



A veteran in the AAA Game industry, he received multiple nominations for his work. After more than 20 years of expertise from indie video games to large mainstream releases, he now brings his vision to Playaverse.

we've got more coming...

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